It’s a Fair Cop

The sixth series of IT’S A FAIR COP goes back on the beat at 11.30 am on Friday 30th March 2021. In this series Alfie shares topical subjects including policing the ever-changing Covid-19 lockdown rules and dog theft (with a welcome guest appearance by Alfie’s beloved German Shepherd Zeus).

Never one to shy away from some of the more ‘challenging’ aspects of policing – this series also tackles sudden death, vehicles stops and the highly emotive offence of indecent exposure.  Alfie believes that comedy can be a powerful vehicle to bring into the public spotlight ‘difficult’ or sensitive subjects which need better understanding.

If you missed the earlier series’ you can listen to a couple of extracts to whet your appetite.

You can now download to own Series 1-3 of IT’S A FAIR COP.

“this programme is a delight” – The Times

In eighteen years as a cop on the beat Alfie Moore ‘has seen it all’ so, in addition to all that policing knowledge and experience, he has a wealth of hilarious stories you ‘just couldn’t make up’.

His BBC Radio 4 Comedy series IT’S A FAIR COP is the perfect vehicle for Alfie to skilfully blend succinct layman explanations about the law, with very funny anecdotes from his own policing expereinces, whilst taking the audience through a real-life scenario with which he has dealt.

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The premise of the show is that Alfie ‘swears in’ the audience as police officers for the night and, as the scenario unfolds, they are challenged by the real moral dilemmas that police officers on the street face every day and invited to say what real-time decisions they would have made. Often with unexpected and entertaining results!

With the benefit of hindsight decisions made by police officers on the street can look like ‘howlers’ after the event (or in the press) but officers often have to make snap decisions based only on the information that they have in front of them. Sometimes only seconds to make very difficult decisions – and the audience gets to have a taste of how this feels as Alfie takes them through a different scenario each week.

If you miss an episode, or enjoyed it so much that you want to hear it again, each episode will be available to listen again on the BBC iPlayer for one month.

Due to demand Alfie now offers a bespoke FAIR COP ‘dilemma training’ intervention for corporate training days and conferences.


Listen to an extract of IT’S A FAIR COP