Hello! Hello! Hello! ‘IT’S A FAIR COP’ Series 2 repeats start 15th November

Thanks to demand from the lovely BBC Radio 4 audience Series 2 of Alfie Moore’s  hit comedy show ‘IT’S A FAIR COP’ will be repeated from 15th November 2017 at 11.30am.  Grab a coffee, metaphorically put your feet up, and exercise your laughter muscles as you consider what you would have done in Alfie’s position.

In Episode 1, ‘Gobby Nobby’, Alfie has his audience join him for an evening on Public Order Patrol as he asks whether we think ALL crime should be reported and investigated. You may be surprised at the result!

If you miss the live broadcast the episodes will also be available on the BBC iPlayer.

In the meantime you can listen to a couple of hilarious excepts from Series 3 of ‘IT’S A FAIR COP’ to whet your appetite!

Radio 4 still wants Moore!

Radio 4 has commissioned a fourth series of IT’S A FAIR COP,  from police officer-turned-comedian Alfie Moore.

In response to demand by listeners of the popular show more episodes have been ordered to air in Spring 2018.

Each show uses a scenario based on a real-life case drawn from Alfie’s 20 years policing experience. The studio audience are ‘sworn in’ as cops for the duration of the recording and invited to decide how they would act if they were a police officer in the circumstances.

Alfie said, ‘I was very proud of the latest series and I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to write more. BBC Radio 4 has made a significant difference to my comedy career and for that I am very grateful – and especially to the listeners who were kind enough to write to the BBC requesting a further series. In return I promise to keep it real and continue to tread the fine line between comedy genius and gross misconduct!”

IT’S A FAIR COP BBC Radio Comedy Podcast of the Week

Alfie is delighted that his hit comedy series IT’S A FAIR COP has been selected by the BBC to be Comedy podcast of the Week from Monday 3rd July 2017. The episode selected is Barry the Burglar  – which seems like an ‘open and shut’ case – but is it………………………….?

The premise of IT’S A FAIR COP is that former detective sergeant Alfie Moore shares  a real-life case, from his 20 years experience as a cop, and invites the audience to make the policing decisions as the story unfolds – with often hilarious results.

Barry the Burglar comedy podcast will be available to download for one month. Other episodes of this highly successful 3rd series of IT’S A FAIR COP can still be listened to on the BBC iPlayer.

Alfie Moore interviews Sir Vince Cable for cancel charity appeal

As a proud patron of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity Alfie Moore was delighted to interview Sir Vince Cable, the next potential leader of the Liberal Democrat party, at an evening for business leaders in Sheffield this week.

Sir Vince, who’s wife sadly died due to cancer, generously took time out from his leadership campaign to help promote the Weston Park Cancer Charity’s 2020 For Business Appeal.  WP2020 aims to get 200 business across the Sheffield City region to each donate £5000 towards a £1 million goal.  The monies will be used to provide additional services to help improve the lives of local cancer patients.




IT’S A FAIR COP Pick of the Week – Sunday 25th June at 6.15pm

We’re delighted that Gerry Northam, veteran BBC radio presenter and investigative journalist, has included IT’S A FAIR COP in his pick of the best of this week’s BBC Radio. 

The episode selected was ‘Collision Decision’, the last in the current series, in which Alfie invited the audience to participate in another real-life crime from his police case book which involved the most broken law in Britain – The Road Traffic Act 1988. This incident tested Alfie’s impartiality, fairness and powers of discretion to the limit……. Turns out the audience of police-officers-for-the-day had very different, and often hilarious, views on the actions that they would have taken.

The episodes of this series of IT’S A FAIR COP will be available on the BBC iPlayer for the next few weeks.



IT’S A FAIR COP – BBC Radio 4 ‘Pick of the Week’

Veteran BBC presenter John Waite has selected Alfie Moore’s comedy IT’S A FAIR COP for inclusion in his choice of BBC Radio highlights of the week. 

‘Pick of the Week’ will air at 6.30pm on Sunday 11th June and will then be available to listen again on the BBC iPlayer.

The IT’S A FAIR COP episode included is ‘Punching Judy’ – where Alfie shared another real-life policing dilemma from his case book in which he himself became the victim of assault.  As the case unfolded, the audience, who had been ‘sworn in as cops’ for the duration of the show,  were challenged to say what they would have done – with often hilarious results.

The next episode of IT’S A FAIR COP, Cedric the Gnome, will be back on Wednesday 14th June at 11.30am. This, and all the episodes in the current series, will then be available to listen again on the BBC iPlayer.

BBC Radio 4 ‘It’s a Fair Cop’ is back on the beat!

The new series of the hit comedy show It’s a Fair Cop returns to BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 31st May in its new time slot of 11.30am.  The first episode kicks off with Barry the Burglar  – which will surely resonant with all those who believe that an Englishman’s (and Woman’s!) home is their castle.

Once again former Detective Sergeant Alfie Moore swears the studio audience in as cops for the duration of the show and, as he reveals one of his true-life cases, invites them to say what they’d have done  – often with hilarious results.  Using his trademark blend of humour and experience of the law Alfie provides fascinating insights into the dilemmas that police officers face every day  – with plenty of laughs along the way.

In addition to airing at 11.30 am on Wednesday mornings throughout June It’s a Fair Cop will also be available on the BBC iPlayer to listen to at any time.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up (unless you’re driving of course – because that would be illegal!) and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.


Alfie Laid Bare in the Comfy Chair

Ahead of bringing his new tour show GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER to Scunthorpe Plowright Theatre Alfie talks to Andy Comfort at BBC Radio Humberside. In addition to talking about the show, and his twin careers as a police officer and comedian he shares some surprising information about himself – including his time as a pig farmer and his success as Elvis.

Alfie also pays tribute to BBC Radio for giving him a ‘break’ after a comedy producer saw him performing his solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  The third series of his hit BBC Radio 4 comedy IT’S A FAIR COP is due to air from 31st May 2017.

Alfie will be performing GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER at the Plowright Theatre at 8pm on Friday 19th May and tickets for the show at other theatres and arts centres are also available.

Moore BBC Radio 4 ‘Loose Ends’ for Alfie – Saturday 6th August

AlfieMoore_Landscape by_IdilSukan_DrawHQHello, hello, hello! Alfie is delighted to be invited again to be a guest on Radio 4’s ‘Loose Ends’ which airs at 6.15pm on Saturday.

The show is always a ‘buzzy’ mix of conversation, music and comedy and on 6th August it will be presented by the fabulous Sara Cox. Other guests are Beverley Knight, Dreda Say Mitchell, Darren Hayman and Slow Club.

Alfie will be talking about his full-length stand up show and the new series of his BBC comedy ‘It’s a Fair Cop’ which is due to air in Spring 2017.

Don’t miss ‘Loose Ends’ on Saturday  – but if you do then be sure to catch it again on the BBC iPlayer.

New series of IT’S A FAIR COP ordered by Radio 4

Alfie Moore Police Comedian (Scotland Yard adjusting tie) by Tony BriggsBBC Radio 4 have commissioned a third series of the police comedy ‘It’s a Fair Cop’ – the show that sees veteran cop and comedian Alfie Moore swear in a live audience as police officers for the night before challenging them with the dilemmas of a real-life case scenario.

The last series, written and presented by Alfie, tackled challenging subjects such as harassment, excessive use of force and racism with his trademark blend of comedy, layman explanations about the law and very funny anecdotes from his own policing experience. The show highlights the sometimes ridiculous complexities of policing and the wonderful eccentricities of the Great British Public – with the Radio 4 audience the real stars of the show.

Moore said: ‘I’m a massive fan of Radio 4 and with so much competition for new submissions I’m absolutely delighted to get another series.’

‘The public rightly demand openness and honesty from the police and I plan to once again tread the fine line between comic genius and gross misconduct!’

The new series will have four episodes and is due to air in spring 2017.