Series 1-3 of IT’S A FAIR COP available to buy!

As the new series of IT’S A FAIR COP gets back on it’s BBC Radio 4 beat fans of the show can now download to own the first 3 series which are available via iTunes, Google Audiobooks and Audible   (where the show has been rated 4.9 out of 5 stars – nobody’s perfect!!)

A number of listeners have requested that the shows be available on CD but unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment.

Alfie says “Thanks very much for your interest and support and please enjoy the shows over and over and over again!”

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  • It’s difficult to find well-informed people in this particular subject, but
    you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

  • Love your work Alfie – especially the funny bits!
    IMHO there are only three comedies worth listening to on BBC 4 – Ed Reardon, Count Arthur and Alfie!
    Apart from the News Quiz Extra which is now seriously missing the presence of Jeremy Hardy.

    Listening all the way from Australia.

  • 🙁 Astonished there is no cd series available! How difficult is it in this day and age to produce one. Even good street entertainers often have their own cd available should you wish to buy it. I think it is more to do with Amazon et el monopolising material. I don’t like being forced to join and pay for something to download. Come on Alfie, get a cd series done. PLLLLEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSE

    • We would also love there to be a CD and have explored this with the BBC as they own the copyright. It just can’t be done at the moment I’m afraid – and apologise for the frustration. I understand it can be purchased to download with joining anything. We will continue to look at recording and producing our own CD.

  • 🙁 Like many others I would love to just be able to buy the cd series. I don’t like being forced to join something to download when i would prefer to own a hard copy. How difficult is producing a cd in this day and age. How many street entertainer’s do you see complete with their own cd acailable to purchase!
    See the show and it was very good. COME ON ALFIE GET A CD SERIES OUT………
    Many thanks, Denny

  • Loved the show, so funny. I would love to buy this as a CD for my police officer son for Christmas. Any chance?

    • Thank you for your kind words about the show. At the moment series 1 to 3 are only available as a ‘download to own’ This is a an ongoing frustration to us because we’d love it to be available on CD but unfortunately that isn’t up to us – but we will keep asking.

  • Alfie, I have been a fan since I heard the first series on BBC4. My co-workers think I’m nuts because I sit at work at my computer laughing hysterically. I always look forward to each new series. Hopefully some day I’ll get to England and can hear you in person. (I live in Delaware, USA.) Thank you for sharing the lighter and darker side of police work. It’s both funny and serious/informative Please continue. I look forward to series 5,6,7, etc. Thank you.

  • Alfie
    Have just finished listening to series 4 and have been a fan from series 1. Your live show how to get away with murder which was fantastic. Comedy deadpan genius can’t wait for more!

  • I too would like to buy on CD, if BBC allow. In the mean time the link to penguin books doesn’t work. Thanks

  • I would love to be able to buy this on cd for the Officers in my family ! Any chance ?

  • Delighted to buy this
    Seriously funny
    Have listened since series 1.
    Funny thoughtful and just a little bit naughty

  • We would like to buy this as a present for my aunt as she was an ex WPC,we feel this her kind of humour.

    Is it possible to by CDs as she has no way of downloading.

    Regards Ian

    • Hi Ian. Thanks for your interest in the series. Unfortunately the BBC has currently only approved the release as a download but we will speak to them again about this.

    • Sorry Ian but it’s only been approved by the BBC as a download at the moment. We think that’s a shame too!

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