New series of IT’S A FAIR COP ordered by Radio 4

Alfie Moore Police Comedian (Scotland Yard adjusting tie) by Tony BriggsBBC Radio 4 have commissioned a third series of the police comedy ‘It’s a Fair Cop’ – the show that sees veteran cop and comedian Alfie Moore swear in a live audience as police officers for the night before challenging them with the dilemmas of a real-life case scenario.

The last series, written and presented by Alfie, tackled challenging subjects such as harassment, excessive use of force and racism with his trademark blend of comedy, layman explanations about the law and very funny anecdotes from his own policing experience. The show highlights the sometimes ridiculous complexities of policing and the wonderful eccentricities of the Great British Public – with the Radio 4 audience the real stars of the show.

Moore said: ‘I’m a massive fan of Radio 4 and with so much competition for new submissions I’m absolutely delighted to get another series.’

‘The public rightly demand openness and honesty from the police and I plan to once again tread the fine line between comic genius and gross misconduct!’

The new series will have four episodes and is due to air in spring 2017.

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  • Can one purchase CD’s of Alfie Moore’s series?

    • Thank you for your message.

      No CDs at the moment I’m afraid but we have recently been told by the BBC that Penguin Random House have confirmed they will release It’s a Fair Cop: Series 1-3 in June 2018 via download to own.

  • What went wrong? It was a no show!!!

    • Thanks for your message John. Alfie is currently writing Series 4 of IT’S A FAIR COP – which will be recorded live in front of an audience at BBC Broadcasting House, London during May and June 2018. We anticipate that the new series will then air during June and July 2018, subject to BBC Radio 4 schedules.

      Series 2 is currently being repeated on Radio 4 at 11.30am on Wednesday mornings and is also available on the BBC iPlayer.

  • O, and the Most Excellent Mr Moore, how come I can buy all the rubbish off radio 4 but not you? As I tried to get a CD for a friend of mine, but no go!

  • Alfie I am pissed off, as your show was a highlight of the year!!! The only one to stand with it is Mark Steels in Town, so I do hope you return to Radio 4 ASAP!!! Been waiting far to long now!!! Live Long and Prosper!!!

    • Not long to wait now John – the new series is currently being recorded. Waiting for final confirmation of transmission dates but anticipating May and June. Enjoy!

      • O Fantastic!!! Thank You for that and I will pass it on, as I am not the only one that has been missing it!!! Listened to them all and loved every one!!!

  • Enjoyed the recording last night when will it be aired? Son who recommended to know!

    • Glad you enjoyed the recording session. We don’t have the final transmissions dates yet but we believe that it will be end of May and into June 2017.

  • Great news about the new series, well done R4 ! I listened to the first two so many times. Absolutely brilliant stuff Alfie. Do you have any London stand up dates planned in 2017 ? …Couldn’t see any on the site.

    • Thanks Adam – we’re looking into suitable London venues for Alfie’s new full-length stand-up show ‘Getting Away with Murder’. Keep an eye on the ‘Tickets’ area for updates.

  • Having just spent a great evening watching Alfie at the Nottingham Comedy Festival , it’s excellent news about the new shows on Radio 4 looking forward to the new series

  • I was about to ask the for the same – so as a Radio Times subscriber I’ll be writing to them – my telling of the last series just doesn’t do it justice !

  • Can we have the last two series available again please

    • Thanks for asking – but unfortunately we’re not part of the decision about whether that happens. BBC Radio 4 own the copyright and they make all the decisions about when the programmes are aired. I guess that as the radio schedules are full to bursting with lots of exciting new programmes it’s very unlikely that repeats of It’s a Fair Cop will happen any time soon but please do take it up with Radio 4. I hope that you enjoy the new series….

      • Please, please try to get the wonderful It’s a fair cop repeated on Radio 4 Extra. It’s a lot funnier than anything else they put on. Can’t wait for the new series. Can you tell me when tickets will be available? Thanks and keep up the good work. Vernon

        • Thanks for your message Vernon and really glad that you enjoy the show. The recording on 19th December is fully booked but if you log into here and search there are 2 more episodes left to record (21st Feb and 14th Mar) and you may be able to bag tickets. The shows are normally repeated a few times – as soon as we have the full schedule it’ll be updated on the ‘It’s a Fair Cop’ page of Alfie’s website. Enjoy!

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