‘It’s a Fair Cop’ is BBC Radio 4 Pick of the Week – 28th June 2015

radio 4 new series every thursdayAlfie Moore’s Radio 4 comedy IT’S A FAIR COP has been selected to feature in this week’s Pick of the Week, presented by Liz Barclay – who chooses her BBC radio highlights.  The show will air on Sunday 28th June at 6.15 pm.

IT’S A FAIR COP invites the studio audience, who are sworn in as ‘police officers for the night’  to consider what their actions would be when dealing with dilemmas that police officers face on the street every day. A different scenario unfolds every week and the topic of the episode featuring on Pick of the Week is called ‘Reasonable Force’  – how far would you ‘reasonably’ go to protect your home, your property and loved ones. Revealing and hilarious! Available on BBC iPlayer.

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