IT’S A FAIR COP Pick of the Week – Sunday 25th June at 6.15pm

We’re delighted that Gerry Northam, veteran BBC radio presenter and investigative journalist, has included IT’S A FAIR COP in his pick of the best of this week’s BBC Radio. 

The episode selected was ‘Collision Decision’, the last in the current series, in which Alfie invited the audience to participate in another real-life crime from his police case book which involved the most broken law in Britain – The Road Traffic Act 1988. This incident tested Alfie’s impartiality, fairness and powers of discretion to the limit……. Turns out the audience of police-officers-for-the-day had very different, and often hilarious, views on the actions that they would have taken.

The episodes of this series of IT’S A FAIR COP will be available on the BBC iPlayer for the next few weeks.



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