IT’S A FAIR COP BBC Radio Comedy Podcast of the Week

Alfie is delighted that his hit comedy series IT’S A FAIR COP has been selected by the BBC to be Comedy podcast of the Week from Monday 3rd July 2017. The episode selected is Barry the Burglar  – which seems like an ‘open and shut’ case – but is it………………………….?

The premise of IT’S A FAIR COP is that former detective sergeant Alfie Moore shares  a real-life case, from his 20 years experience as a cop, and invites the audience to make the policing decisions as the story unfolds – with often hilarious results.

Barry the Burglar comedy podcast will be available to download for one month. Other episodes of this highly successful 3rd series of IT’S A FAIR COP can still be listened to on the BBC iPlayer.

5 Responses to IT’S A FAIR COP BBC Radio Comedy Podcast of the Week

  • Comedy gold

  • Are the three radio series of It’s a Fair Cop going to be released as audio CDs?

    • Hi John – thank for your query. We’ve discussed this with the BBC and at the moment it will only be an audio download but we will ask again.

  • Hi……
    I love Alfie Moore – such a refreshing change from most comedy shows and I think he’s done more for how people view the Police than a thousand posters or political arguments.

    Two questions:

    1) why were there only 4 shows in the “It’s a Fair Cop” series on Radio 4 this time and:

    2) can you please let me know if Sgt Moore is going to be appearing anywhere near Blackpool in the foreseeable future as I would love to see him live and, if the cost is not too prohibitive, I could bring a small party with me as I am on the Entertainment Committee for Blackpool Citizens’ Advice, where I work and always looking for something a bit different.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Many, many thanks

    Kind regards,

    • Thank you for your kind comment Sally – glad to hear that you enjoy It’s a Fair Cop. The number of episodes is primarily decided by the programming team at the BBC – and as there is such a lot of good comedy competing for limited ‘air time’ we’re always appreciative of whatever opportunities are available. We are hopeful that another series will be commissioned for next Spring.

      We are currently looking at extending Alfie’s tour dates and although nothing is currently booked in for Blackpool please keep an eye on the ‘gigs’ and ‘tickets’ pages of Alfie’s website as these are updated on an ongoing basis.

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