‘It’s a Fair Cop’ is BBC Radio 4 Comedy Podcast of the week

Alfie was delighted when, following some lovely feedback from listeners about the series, the 3rd episode of his BBC Radio 4 comedy show was chosen to be comedy podcast of the week.

4 Responses to ‘It’s a Fair Cop’ is BBC Radio 4 Comedy Podcast of the week

  • I have no idea if this will get to you. I’m an ex ambo from New Zealand. Good work on the paracetamol od ‘pass the person’ if it’s any consolation NZ mental health is also screwed for funds and ambo training for mental health is ‘ on the job’ . My take was to try to coax them into saying the intention was to harm myself. Well done on a save ‘Alfie’.

  • I’m annoyed these are not being podcast weekly by the BBC. This is a great show. What’s the point in such talent going to waste by not being podcast so it can only be heard live. Where can we get our hands on these recordings? Too good to miss.

  • Hi there. Ex cop here and listened to tonights shownon R4 at 1830. Sadly am not always able to. Any chance of a weekly podcast?

    Great show! Very funny!

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